The Phone is the Cash Register

Every business has a cash register and direct sales is not exception.  When the cash register at the mini-market rings, money and cash is flowing.  How do you make your cash register ring?

The cash register in direct selling is the phone.  It is a scary day in any home business when the whole day passes and the phone does not ring.  In order to make money in direct sales, just like at the mini-market, you need to make the cash register ring.  In our case the more the phone rings going in or going out, the more cash flow your business will have. It is really as simple as that. 

Most people use the phone all the time, yet something happens to them after they start their home based business, they become afraid of the phone.  You have got to make the cash register ring.  I challenge you all to think of a way to make the phone your friend!  A little positive affirmation might help.  When you say things like I hate to use the phone or I am not a phone person, then your words are creating your action for the future.  Try scripting out some one liners that will help you to be make the cash register ring!  Such as I love to talk on the phone. The phone is my cash register. Or when I use the phone I make more money.  Say your positive affirmations daily at least 100 times.  That may sound like a lot, but really it isn’t.  We think over a million words a day, so make sure you are putting good words into your head.

Very few people are as excited about your services or business as you are, so you have to convey your excitement through the phone.  Even when you think you are sounding really excited, it does not come through the phone.  Your everyday voice may be good enough for everyday, but when making the cash register ring you will want to step it up a bit.  Always stand up and raise your tone a bit so you sound more excited.  Use a mirror, a head set and wave your arms around, move around and be excited so that your customer knows you are excited. 

Using the cash register is not enough alone, you must transfer your excitement for your product, or services or yourself through the phone to that person on the other end who has all those other distractions going on around them. 

Incorporate some positive phone self-affirmations into your life and practice your excitement when using the phone to make the cash register ring in your home business.